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My first post on my new personal mastodon site!

I decided to set up my own server, so I could have a smaller space from friends to hang out and chat, where the local and federated timelines feel more intimate and relevant to me.

Three weeks into my new job starting an AR/VR research group at JPMorgan Chase (will drop job ads soon!), finally checking back in. How are things going in masto land?

Glad they are moving forward, but the image of “all currently encrypted data will become insecure, and criminals and bad actors are stockpiling it for that day” is a bit unsettling The cryptopocalypse is nigh! NIST rolls out new encryption standards to prepare - Ars Technica

"Roe. Miranda. Gun control. Church and State. All dismantled in a single week. The single worst week for civil rights and liberties in decades."

Interesting take on crypto from someone in the finance industry.

"Crypto And The Real Economy

QAnon plus Crypto, a match made in heaven!

“Two QAnon influencers running crypto scams steal more than $2 million from their followers

Another deep dog hole broken down. Actually, I didn’t destroy it all, was too deep and it’s too hot out there.

They left off reason 4: crypto (as it exists right now) is a speculative Ponzi scheme.

Of course, any article that refers to “crypto investors” as opposed to the more honest “crypto speculators” couldn’t admit this reason

Burn it down 🔥

“Bitcoin falls to fresh lows as crypto crashes on ‘Black Monday’: Here are 3 reasons why

I would buy Rhythm Heaven for iOS. It’s the only Nintendo DS game I miss. Thank you for listening.

Another example of the shitty design of Airtag software. Talked to someone who was woken THREE times on a red-eye to be told an Airtag was following them and was then woken AGAIN in bed at home to be told it wasn't anymore. Good job, Apple

Apparently these aren't as well known as I assumed they were, so here is some tech that I think would make a good #web0 . (like #web3 but more actual #decentralization and less bullshit)


#Spritely (and #OCAP in general)

#Yggdrasil (could cooperate with NDN)


Invest in these instead of NFTs.

Beach vacation coming to a close, just finished the second of my two beach reads.

Stories of Your Life and Others, by Ted Chiang. Short story collection with a wide range of entertaining and thought provoking ideas.

The Anthropocene Reviewed: Essays on a Human-Centered Planet! by John Green. A touching collection of short essays on life and the world.

Both are highly recommended.

Mid-afternoon, sitting in the shade on our balcony, looking out over the clear blue water, listening to the waves and Jimmy Buffet, sweating and smelling the sea air, reading a book that has absolutely nothing to do with my academic life. I recognize my good fortune.

It’s nice to travel again, finally doing our May 2020 vacation. Counting ourselves among the fortunate to be able to visit such beautiful places (Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos)

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